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There are thousands of property types for sale in the Javea area, including resale luxury villastownhouses, fincas, and an abundance of apartments. Or, if you want something brand spanking new, you can opt for a new build villa. But as splendid and luxurious as many of these properties are, there is always likely to be something not quite right. Maybe the kitchen is too small, you need an extra bathroom, or an important feature is missing, such as sea views, a balcony leading off the main bedroom, or a more extensive garden.

The only realistic ways around this are to modify an existing property, or search for a plot of land for sale to build the Javea home of your dreams.

Valuvillas is a well-established Javea real estate agency. Using our English-speaking architect and local Javea trusted builders, you can design and build your own perfect Javea home. We can control the project on your behalf, according to local regulations and ensure the result is precisely how you designed the home in your head.

The design and build real estate process

Building a house in Javea within walking distance of the old town, Arenal or Granadella beaches, or the surrounding urbanisations is straightforward and not as difficult as many think. The basic steps are as follows:

(1) Buy a legally registered building plot

(2) Draw up plans that are within the legal norms and regulations

(3) Use a builder with a history, a good reputation, and preferably locally based

During our years running Valuvillas, we have successfully overseen the building of many Javea modern villas and extensions for our clients by following these three simple rules. If you stick to the steps, problems are rare, and they are relatively simple to solve if they do arise.

Building plots for sale in Javea

In Spain, the building regulations are somewhat different from those in other European countries. Before buying land, you must seek impartial professional advice by hiring a reputable lawyer familiar with building law and can advise you correctly.

There are two classes of land in Spain, “urbano”, which is usually earmarked for development, and “rustico”, which is not.

However, things are not always as they seem; you could find an urban plot in a rural area which the nearest planning department has declared appropriate for construction because it is close to a village, for example. Or you might look at what you consider a built-up area and find a plot you like, only to find town planners have categorised it as rustic. So never assume a plot is urban or rustic without looking into it further. An estate agent or solicitor can help you with this.

If a plot of land is passed as rustic, it is typically not for construction. However, in some circumstances, authorities may permit building. Leniency on permits varies from one region to the next. In some municipalities, permission may be granted to build on a small percentage of the land, so you would have to buy a vast rustic plot that could only include a tiny country house. In other cases, permission for agricultural buildings is granted, but not for residential dwellings.

Never sign any sales contracts related to rustic land without consulting a local lawyer who can deal with the town planning department on your behalf.

There’s an added clause when buying rustic land. Even if you obtain the local authority’s approval, you still need to bargain with the regional authority, as both administrations must agree. Getting permission from both parties involves a deluge of paperwork and red tape. So be aware of what you might be getting yourself into if you have your heart set on a plot of rustic land. If you can find an urban plot that is suitable, you will save yourself time and money and avoid an overdose of the Spanish love of bureaucracy.

Even if you are buying land classed as urban, and therefore you assume you will have no problems obtaining a building permit, ask your estate agent or lawyer to ensure the permissions are in order or obtainable before you buy. The same goes for if you buy a run-down building to restore, regulations can be strict, and you must determine if your project is permitted before signing any contracts.

Costs associated with buying a Javea plot

The first rule when buying a plot of land to build on is to make sure you do not pay more than the going rate in that region.

Look for similar plots online to make sure your seller is not charging over the odds online. Note down the total square metreage and the price to determine the cost per square metre. When you have a figure, make an adjustment if you think you might be able to get the price down by presenting a lower offer than the asking price.

Consider unique features will be reflected in the price, such as spectacular sea views, mountain views, if utilities are installed, and the plot’s orientation. It is no use comparing two plots of the same size if one is south facing and close to the sea and the other is also south facing but 15 km inland, as you will need to factor in the location. After some research, you should have a reasonably accurate idea of the region’s current value of plots and land.

Buyer’s additional costs

When buying a plot in Javea, the additional costs involved are not unlike the buyer’s fees if you buy a villa, apartment, or another type of property.

Apart from the actual purchase price of the plot, extra fees are applicable. These will vary depending on if you apply for a mortgage or area a cash buyer.

You will need to hire a surveyor to ensure the land suitable for the type of construction you plan to build. You should generally add 10-18% of the purchase price to cover taxes and fees.

The land cost usually represents as much as 50% of the cost of building a new home in Spain. But in some regions, you can buy a cheap plot and build a larger and better home for less than the cost of a resale property.

Building your Javea home

Building a home is an exciting project that lets you design every aspect of the property. You can also choose the quality of materials depending on your budget.

Construction costs will vary per square metre depending on the quality of the materials and the location, but as an approximation, expect to pay between €700 to €1,500 per square metre. You should invariably add 10 to 15% to the estimated cost. Building a property from scratch is almost always affected by unexpected incidents.

If you want a garage or a swimming pool, it’s best to include it in the initial build of the house, if possible, when you are liable to pay 7% IVA (VAT). If you add these features later, 16% IVA is applicable.

When looking for a builder or architect, we advise asking for recommendations from established local people you trust. This could be your bank manager, an estate agent, a gestor, or friends who have lived in the town for some time. Most architects based in and around Javea speak good English.

Architects usually charge a percentage of the build’s total costs, generally between 5 and 10%.

An architect will likely recommend dependable building firms, but you should also research. The reputation of the builder and his financial status are critical for the job to be completed successfully. Be wary of an architect or builder who exclusively work together. The architect must ensure the builder does his job correctly according to the plans, so you don’t want them to be too friendly.

A builder must present a ‘termination’ guarantee (underwritten by insurers), so you are covered financially if the firm goes bankrupt before completion.


Obtain written quotes (presupuestos) from various builders before signing any deal.

The contract must express a complete description of the construction (memoria de calidades) and the materials related to the architect’s plans. The agreement must state the building’s exact location on the plot, describe the steps of construction and payment, and include a penalty clause for late completion. However, this can be tricky to come to an agreement on, as unexpected circumstances often arise.

Before accepting a quote, ask a building consultant to confirm it is a good deal. You should ask if the price (including the 7% VAT) is an estimate or the final price. Because costs can fluctuate due to unforeseen modifications required during building, it is essential to have the contract reviewed by your lawyer.


In Spain, a builder must guarantee his work against structural flaws for ten years, or 15 years if the work does not comply with the contract conditions. An architect is also liable for errors for up to ten years if flaws result from poor direction or inaccurate instructions.

It is not unusual for some problems to arise during construction, but these should be resolved and corrected for the work to be considered complete.

After completion, you must be very patient and persistent if you discover issues with the build. You will have to get the completed construction reviewed by a structural surveyor and obtain a report stating which party is responsible for the defects.

Our building plots

While some of the above information may seem daunting, do not let the details put you off building your dream Javea home. Buying a plot for sale in the town of Javea and building a dream home is as easy as 1-2-3, providing you deal with professionals.

We currently have plots of land for sale in Javea including plots with panoramic views of the Montgo, plots close to the famous Arenal beach with stunning open views of the Mediterranean. We also have various plots on sought after urbanizations such as Costa Nova or Tosalet. Then there is the popular Cap Marti urbanisation with open views of the Montgo mountain, and plots in the surrounding residential areas of Benitachell and Moraira. We are sure we can find you the ideal plot, no matter how detailed your requirements.

Contact us for further information or advice on building your dream Costa Blanca home.