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Bargain Javea Apartments For Sale

We offer a fantastic range of apartments for sale at prices to suit your requirements. From one to five bedrooms, from ground floor to penthouses, we have a huge range of apartments on our books which offer great value for money.

Many new Javea apartments are built within complexes that offer secure parking, communal gardens with a pool and are generally very near to the port or Arenal areas. Many apartments purchased offer rental investment opportunities, so buying a property that can be easily rented is a major factor with some people when looking for suitable apartment to purchase.

Or are you looking for an independent property with its own grounds? If so, take a look at our Javea villas section. Or check out our free guide to buying a home in Javea.

Valuvillas Apartments For Sale: Buying Through to Completion

While owning a villa in Spain, with its own private garden and pool, is the dream of many, others prefer the lower maintenance option of an apartment.
Apartment living in Javea has several advantages over villa life, one being most apartment blocks (and townhouses) are very close to necessary amenities. In contrast, the majority of villas are located on the outskirts of the town. Therefore, an apartment is the best option for those who prefer not to have to drive too often.

An apartment is also a great choice if you plan on returning to your home country frequently or for prolonged periods. You can close the apartment door and forget about it, whereas a villa will usually require hiring someone to keep an eye on the property and do maintenance work.
In Javea, there are several types of apartments on offer to suit all budgets. The smallest (and usually cheapest) option is a studio apartment, the Spanish equivalent of a UK bedsit. A studio will usually consist of an open living space, with a separate bathroom. The kitchen is often incorporated into the single living area. Studio flats are perfect as a holiday home for one or two people, or as a first property investment. However, if you are thinking of living in Javea permanently, or have a family, an apartment with separate bedrooms is recommended.

The are many choices available to you when it comes to one, two, and three-bedroom flats. You can opt for a gated block that will commonly have its own pool and beautifully kept gardens for resident’s use. Or consider a first line apartment with stunning sea views. Or opt for one of the many residential apartments for sale between the old town and the port area of Javea, which offer a tranquil location but are conveniently close to all amenities.

If you have a large or growing family or plan on inviting several friends over to stay at your new home, an apartment with four or more bedrooms could be an optional choice. These sizeable family apartments are often advertised as “pisos,” and you’ll find them in most areas of Javea, in the form of modern duplexes, luxury penthouses or in purpose-built blocks with larger families in mind.

The Apartment Buying Process
When you have found the ideal apartment to suit your family’s tastes and needs, we can begin the buying process. The first step is to decide how much you want to offer, and we will present your offer to the seller on your behalf. Once a price is agreed, a reservation fee of 3000€ is payable. This payment allows us to remove the apartment from the market and begin the process of drawing up contracts.
A pre-contract is generally signed within a month of the down payment, and Once the pre-contract is signed, you are required to pay a formal 10% deposit (minus the reservation fee). This sum is transferred to the seller, and we’ll make an appointment with the notary office to complete the transaction.

Buying an Apartment : Completion Day at the Notary
On completion day, both parties will meet at the office of the notary. We accompany you to make sure the contract is correct and complete, and all matters are in order before you sign. The buyer and seller sign the contract, and the keys to your new dream home are handed over to you!
As part of our service, we will take care of changing all utilities and town hall services over to your name.
Our service does not end there; if there are any matters you need advice with, such as schooling, maintenance services, internet providers, etc. we are always s happy to help. We provide a life-long service after the sale and are here for you anytime you need assistance.

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