Help For Second Homeowners Post Brexit

Brexit has caused problems for many sectors of the population, with uncertainty for those from an EU country who live in the UK, UK nationals who live abroad, and perhaps the most unconsidered group, the UK residents who own a second home in Europe. If you are a second homeowner in Spain, post-Brexit, you will Read More

Today Madrid Decides whether to Decree the Total Closure of the Region and Expand Mobility Restrictions

Spain, with 34,673 coronavirus deaths and 1,046,132 contagions, enters this week with a curfew and customised restrictions according to each autonomy, in a bit to slow down the second wave of the pandemic. With the exception of the Canary Islands, Spain spends its first night of mandatory curfew with a newly declared alarm state, which Read More

Presenting an Amazing Property with Income Potential

During our three decades working as Javea estate agents, we have seen every type of property imaginable pass through our books, some of which have been incredibly unique and special. This month we are delighted to present such a property – a six-bedroom villa that offers a fabulous change of lifestyle opportunity, and the chance Read More

Spanish government gives the go-ahead for building work to continue in empty premises

Spain’s government has given the green light for restorations and repairs in inhabited properties. This is very welcome news for builders and decorators up and down the country. The Health Ministry previously allowed smaller tasks like painting and decorating jobs to restart in buildings where people were living, But has now also given the green Read More

Save ££££’s… What You Need to Know About the Foreign Exchange Rate When Buying A Property In Spain

To purchase property in Spain, it is likely that you will need to buy foreign currency, as there is a strong possibility that you will need to obtain currency that is not native to your home country. Swiss francs, US dollars, GB pounds Sterling, and euros are commonly used currencies amongst foreign investors. It is Read More

Sanchez Announces Spain’s De-escalating Plan, To Last Until The End of June

“Our purpose is to get Spain back on track,” says the president of the government The de-escalation plan has 4 phases, to last at least 8 weeks and applied by province Schools will not reopen this before September except for support classes for students with both parents working “As we begin to glimpse the outcome, Read More

Spanish PM Seeks to Extend the Lockdown, At Least Until May 9th 2020

Javea Residents Still In Lockdown For At Least 3 Weeks More Spanish PM seeks to extend the state of alarm due to Coronavirus, until May 9th but will allow children to leave home for controlled periods from April 27th according to El Pais Addressing the Spanish nation on television on Saturday evening, PM Pedro Sánchez Read More

The Corona Virus Impact On The Real Estate Market In Spain

Buying Property in Javea After COVID-19 It seems like just a few weeks ago I was sat amongst friends discussing our plans for Easter. One couple were planning on staying in Javea, a retired friend was thinking of visiting the UK, but was worried that traveling would be very congested to and from the airports, Read More

What’s an NIE Number?

Any non-resident wishing to make any major purchase (property/land/vehicle/boat) or open a bank account will need to apply for a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). This is a form of identification that will allow people to make these purchases but identifies them as being a fiscal resident rather than a national. This has Read More

Spain’s New Law To Protect Tenants From Eviction

Prices of rental property have risen by 54 percent in the last six years, according to Idealista, the property website. In Madrid and Barcelona (and other city centres) the real estate market and the cost of renting has boomed due to investors snapping up properties to rent out. Owners have also put up rental prices Read More

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