How to Buy Land in Spain

If you are a fan of TV series like Grand Designs, you may be tempted to get ultra-adventurous and build your own Spanish grand design. It’s unquestionably a great plan; you’ll end up with a dream property with everything brand new and built precisely to your specifications.  However, before you start downloading home design software or, Read More

TIE Cards In Spain

After Brexit came into force, UK nationals who plan to live in Spain for more than the 90/180 days length of stay limitations must register as a resident of Spain and on the padrón at their town hall. The padrón allows local authorities to determine how many people live in a municipality and helps them Read More

The Spanish Golden Visa for UK Residents – Beat the 90/180 Day Rule

Recently we posted articles related to buying a home in Spain post-Brexit. In these posts, we described the Biggest headache British property owners and would-be owners in Spain face – the 90/180-day rule. For decades now, this legislation has been in place and states that non-EU residents can only spend a maximum of 90 days Read More

Holiday Homes in Spain After Brexit

When Britain finalised deals with the EU and left the European Community at the end of the year-long transition period on December 31st 2020, British citizens who own holiday homes in Spain faced several changes that many do not consider advantageous. Freedom of Movement The most disappointing effect of Brexit for many Spanish homeowners who Read More

A Guide to Buying Property in Spain After Brexit

COVID-19 news has dwarfed Brexit news in mainstream media, and many issues relating to the UK leaving the EU are still unclear, even though the 2020 transition period has ended and deals with the EU finalised. Many UK nationals who planned on buying a Spanish property during 2020 have had their plans wrecked by the Read More

How to Buy a Property In Spain When You Can’t Visit the Country – A Guide For 2021

Have you decided to purchase a property in Spain and are at the beginning of partway through the searching or buying process? If so, there is a good chance your plans have hit a brick wall due to a major complication called COVID, aided by its also somewhat complicated ally, Brexit. COVID-19 has caused enormous Read More

Help For Second Homeowners Post Brexit

Brexit has caused problems for many sectors of the population, with uncertainty for those from an EU country who live in the UK, UK nationals who live abroad, and perhaps the most unconsidered group, the UK residents who own a second home in Europe. If you are a second homeowner in Spain, post-Brexit, you will Read More

Today Madrid Decides whether to Decree the Total Closure of the Region and Expand Mobility Restrictions

Spain, with 34,673 coronavirus deaths and 1,046,132 contagions, enters this week with a curfew and customised restrictions according to each autonomy, in a bit to slow down the second wave of the pandemic. With the exception of the Canary Islands, Spain spends its first night of mandatory curfew with a newly declared alarm state, which Read More

Presenting an Amazing Property with Income Potential

During our three decades working as Javea estate agents, we have seen every type of property imaginable pass through our books, some of which have been incredibly unique and special. This month we are delighted to present such a property – a six-bedroom villa that offers a fabulous change of lifestyle opportunity, and the chance Read More

Spanish government gives the go-ahead for building work to continue in empty premises

Spain’s government has given the green light for restorations and repairs in inhabited properties. This is very welcome news for builders and decorators up and down the country. The Health Ministry previously allowed smaller tasks like painting and decorating jobs to restart in buildings where people were living, But has now also given the green Read More

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