Businesses For Sale In Javea

We have lived and worked and in Javea for more than 30 years, so helping clients find a Javea business to buy or start their own from scratch is something we have plenty of experience with.

Hairdressing, dentistry, Internet services, legal, bar, restaurant, sports, therapies; apartment rentals, these are just some of the many sectors that we have been involved with over the years; so if you are looking for premises to start up, or to buy a fully operational setup, then get in touch. We will be glad to help.

Not many businesses owners openly advertise that their business is for sale, so we need to understand what you are after and can then advise if any suitable businesses are available for sale or lease.

It’s taken longer than anyone would have liked, but 2015 finally showed the Spanish economy had begun making healthy signs of recovery following the worldwide financial turmoil of previous years. Unemployment is currently around 12.7%, (subject to change seasonally) a considerable drop from 26% in 2013. In 2022, post-Covid, prospects are looking bright for employees and business owners alike.

By the turn of the year, it’s expected by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that the figures will have shown a steadily impressive 1.6% overall growth in the Spanish economy, stimulated largely through strong governmental policies to tackle unemployment. Most of these new policies have been aimed towards making the labour market more flexible for employers, and have proven excellent incentives for those looking to set up business throughout the country.

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Bar & Restaurant Businesses Are Still The Number One Choice In Javea

Many overseas investors in Spanish businesses tend to steer towards the bar/hospitality sector, a well-trodden path that often turns out to require much more hard work than anticipated. Of course, plenty of people do very well and once their premises are fully up and running, can take a more hands-off approach – but before reaching this stage the hours are very long indeed. There are plenty of perks in running a bar or restaurant – the work allows for a wonderful means of integrating into both the local and expatriate communities, just be prepared to be spending more time serving your friends than sitting with them!

Javea is an excellent location to consider alternatives to this ‘traditional’ route taken by many expatriates. As a highly desirable place to live that attracts a generally more affluent type of tourist (with more disposable income), many people have enjoyed great success setting up businesses outside the hospitality trade. A few examples would include setting up:

  • Shops to cater for locals and visitors.
  • Services for local businesses – especially catering supplies, cleaning and staff agencies.
  • Landscaping and similar contracting work – building professionals etc. are always in high demand due to the high percentage of villas in the area.
  • Language schools, teaching English to locals and Spanish to expatriate children (and their parents).
  • Horse riding facilities.
  • Excursion and tour companies on both land and sea.

There are a wide variety of businesses that do very well for themselves in Javea and have in lots of cases been established and profitable for many years. As Javea property sellers, we are experts in the local commercial premises field and have a wide portfolio of properties available for rent, sale or lease.

Getting in touch with us is very straightforward, and we are happy to help with any inquiries you might have regarding setting up a business in Javea. Simply fill in our contact form, and we will be in touch!

We have contacts and long-standing relationships with companies, landlords and estate agents throughout the Javea area – including those that deal in properties situated in high demand areas (these often do not even get publicly listed as available before a deal is made).

So for the best service to find a prime location for your business – get in touch with us today.