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Mon 24 May 2021 | Information

TIE Cards In Spain

Mon 24 May 2021

Information | TIE Cards In Spain

After Brexit came into force, UK nationals who plan to live in Spain for more than the 90/180 days length of stay limitations must register as a resident of Spain and on the padrón at their town hall. The padrón allows local authorities to determine how many people live in a municipality and helps them when requesting government grants for local facilities.

Before Brexit, you were only required to register if you planned on staying in the country for more than 183 days out of the year. Pre-Brexit, UK residents, and those of other EU countries who wished to become residents in Spain were issued with a NIE card (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros) or Foreigners' Identification Number. The NIE is an all-in-one ID and tax number required for multiple types of transactions, from buying a home to applying for a job or purchasing a new car.  On 6th July 2020, the Spanish government introduced a different residence card for UK nationals residing in Spain. 

UK nationals who lived in Spain before 1st January 2021 have the right to stay in the country, as do the Spanish who lived in the UK before this date. The Spanish government replaced the NIE card with the TIE card for UK nationals who were current residents in Spain and wished to remain in the country.

What is a Spanish TIE card?

The TIE card is a biometric card that explicitly declares it was issued to the holder under the EU and UK Brexit Withdrawal Agreement terms. The card includes the identity details of the cardholder, a foreigner who lives in Spain. The TIE is not a new card; for years, it has been the official ID card for residents living in Spain originating from countries outside the EU or the EEA. The card given to British nationals states the holder has rights to residency under the Withdrawal Agreement. All UK nationals registered as residents in Spain before 2021 can legally request this card.

Can I get a TIE card?

If you were resident in Spain for less than five years when applying for the TIE, you will get a temporary TIE card, valid for five years. Once you have five years total accumulated as a resident, you can request a permanent TIE. You do not have to wait until the five-year card expires. If when you apply for the TIE, you have been a resident in Spain for five years or more, the government will issue you a "permanent" TIE, which, unlike the NIE card, is not actually permanent as it is valid for ten years.

You have until June 2021 to apply for a NIE or TIE. After this date, the NIE is still valid, but there are reports that NIE holders are being asked to present a TIE card rather than the NIE. The same occurred when A4 NIE certificates were first introduced. Many officials did not recognise they were legal, as, unlike the older residency permits that contained a photograph, the new NIE papers did not. Although these officials were incorrect and the photoless NIE was a legal ID document, applying for a TIE card as soon as possible is likely to solve you problems in the long run. So the sooner you swap your NIE for a TIE, the fewer issues you are likely to run into.

What documents do I need to get a TIE?

To get everything in order to apply for a TIE, you must arrange an appointment via the cita previa website. Once there, select the province where you live. The site will then direct you to another page, where you can choose an office.  On the dropdown menu nelow the office selection, there is an option entitled: “POLICIA-EXP. TARJETA ASOCIADA AL ACUERDO DE RETIRADA CIUDADANOS BRITÁNICOS Y SUS FAMILIARES (BREXIT)”. After clicking this, you will arrive on a page that lists the documents you need, and a submit button to confirm your appointment to apply for a TIE card.



Cita Previa Website

Before the appointment, you must:

  • Fill in a "modelo 790" (code 012) form, print it off, and take it to a bank to pay the processing fee. They will stamp it as a receipt which you will need to have at your appointment.
  • Fill out the EX-23 TIE application form and print it, ready for your appointment. If you are confused about which boxes to tick, see this helpful article from CAB Spain.


You will also need the following documents:

  • Your passport, or proof of a renewal application if your passport has been lost, stolen, or expired.
  • Your existing green card. This will either be credit card-sized or an A4 sheet.
  • A 'padron' certificate issued within the past three months if you have changed addresses since the green card was issued.
  • A passport-sized photo. Photo requirements are very exact, so we advise you get it done at a photography shop that recognises Spanish DNI photography rules.


The police will request these documents at your appointment and will take your fingerprints. Although exact procedures may change from province to province, you will likely be given a date to return to pick up your TIE card when leaving your appointment or notified electronically when to return. On the collection date, the police will retake your fingerprints and take your old green card off you. While the requirements for obtaining a TIE card are not overly complicated, if you do not wish to deal with the paperwork yourself, a gestor can do it on your behalf. However, you will need to present the papers and collect your card in person, as your fingerprints are required. 

How much is a TIE card?

When applying for a TIE, you only pay a fee for processing the modelo 790" (code 012) form. The amount of money payable depends on the type of application. You can expect to pay between €12 and €21.44. To pay the fee, you can go to almost any bank. You do not need to be a customer of the bank where you go to pay. Present the completed form modelo 790" (code 012) form at a bank, and they will ask for the corresponding fee.

When must I renew my TIE card?

You can renew a TIE card during the month before the expiry date or within three months after.



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