Presenting an Amazing Property with Income Potential

During our three decades working as Javea estate agents, we have seen every type of property imaginable pass through our books, some of which have been incredibly unique and special. This month we are delighted to present such a property – a six-bedroom villa that offers a fabulous change of lifestyle opportunity, and the chance to earn a healthy income with your very own Costa Blanca B&B or boutique hotel.

This excellent investment comes in the form of well-appointed and lovingly maintained traditional Spanish villa, which is favourably located at the foot of the majestic Montgó Massif, a 750m mountain covered with unusual flora and fauna.


The Montgo Mountain


Property Features

The property is south facing and constructed over a total of 380m2. The large 2300 m2 plot on which it is built is filled with plants and shrubs typical of the area, and even has a small grove of orange trees.

On the ground level, there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms, perfect for letting, with a separate upstairs apartment consisting of a lounge, bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and a small kitchen.
The upstairs accommodation affords the owners privacy away from guests should they desire it, while still being close enough to see to any eventuality that may arise.



Business Option

A factor that often puts the brakes on the dream to live in Spain is the big question of how to earn a living. If you are not retired or close to retirement, this is an important issue that must be considered. In past years, the British, especially, were keen to move to Spain and open a bar or restaurant, an endeavour that would frequently lead to disappointment. The expectation of sitting under a starry sky on a hot summer evening sipping cocktails with some super-interesting guests would quickly be replaced with the reality – scrubbing out a chip fryer in a Benidorm cafe at 1am in the morning while sweating buckets in a 35°C kitchen; meanwhile, your partner struggles to maintain calm among a group of 10 inebriated stags who staggered (pun intended) onto your terrace an hour before, just when you had had enough for one day, and were about to close.

The long hours and often relatively low returns have led to the bar and restaurant sector becoming a less attractive business choice for many newcomers to Spain. However, offering accommodation is an ideal alternative. Other than greeting guests and checking them in, your clients will likely require very little from you. Rooms do of course need to be cleaned to a high standard, but you’ll find plenty of local people more than willing to work on a part-time basis should you need help with cleaning and maintaining the property.

Family Home

For those who don’t need to work or have other ways of generating an income, this villa would make a wonderful family home. It has ample space for children to play and pets to roam, with a fabulous secluded pool area.

The villa is within easy driving distance of Javea’s two excellent international schools, and less than 10km from the Playa de Arenal, well known for its extensive leisure and gastronomy facilities.

For more photos and details of this unique property, see here.

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