Today Madrid Decides whether to Decree the Total Closure of the Region and Expand Mobility Restrictions

Spain, with 34,673 coronavirus deaths and 1,046,132 contagions, enters this week with a curfew and customised restrictions according to each autonomy, in a bit to slow down the second wave of the pandemic.
With the exception of the Canary Islands, Spain spends its first night of mandatory curfew with a newly declared alarm state, which the Government wants to continue until May 9, to fight the second wave of coronavirus that threatens the entire population. Within this framework, autonomous communities, which may delay or advance the curfew by one hour from the 23.00 and 06.00-hour slot, will apply their own restrictions on mobility depending on the incidence of covid-19.
Meanwhile, many communities continue to report alarming data. The infection rate has soared in Catalonia, with nearly 5,000 new contagions in 24 hours; The Basque Country reaches 9.1% of positives of people tested for covid. For its part, coronavirus cases in C.Valenciana go up 60.8% in a week, and Galicia is again looking at almost 600 new cases in the last 24 hours. In addition, Navarra exceeds all its previous figures and detects 698 new cases of covid-19 in a day.

In this summary we counted the spread of Covid-19 throughout Spain during the morning of Monday, October 26th.

Coronavirus Figures in Spain

Total cases: 1,046,132 cases of coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic active infection test; 34,752 dead with positive tests as of October 23rd.

Figures by Autonomous Regions

292,754 in Madrid (10,211 deaths)
192,035 in Catalonia (5,960 deaths)
106,298 in Andalusia (2,270 deaths)
69,989 in Castile and León (3,446 deaths)
57,628 in the Basque Country (2,032 deaths)
57,347 in Castilla-La Mancha (3,338 deaths)
53,831 in the Valencian Community (1,719 deaths)
48,283 in Aragon (1,566 deaths)
29,254 in Murcia (283 deaths)
28,711 in Galicia (859 deaths)
28,009 in Navarra (668 deaths)
16,876 in the Balearic Islands (352 deaths)
16,547 in the Canary Islands (267 deaths)
16,077 in Extremadura (676 deaths)
11,300 in La Rioja (442 deaths)
9,432 in Asturias (391 deaths)
8,500 in Cantabria (248 deaths)
2,094 in Melilla (11 deaths)
1,167 in Ceuta (13 deaths)


Source: Ministry of Health

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