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Moving Can Be a Nightmare - Do Your Homework First On What to Bring and What Not to Bring

As soon as you know your move to Spain is definite, it is time to start looking for a trusted removal company. You will need to make sure the company is fully insured, and a good start for your search is the international Association of Movers or the British Association of Removers Overseas.

The best time to start contacting companies is around three to six months before you plan on moving, as this gives the firm enough time to visit your home and see how many belongings you have to move and give you a quote.

They will then need to fit you into their schedule, which may be busy, which is why it is important to book well in advance. If you know somebody who has moved possessions abroad in the past, it is a good idea to ask them for recommendations. There are several questions you will want to ask prospective removal companies.

These include:

  • Will their insurance policy cover your items that may have to be stored with the firm until your removal date?
  • Do they have marine insurance that will cover your possessions on a ferry?
  • Are your possessions still insured once the lorry enters Spain?

Ask the firm about their packing policy because some removal companies will only insure your items if they have packed them themselves.  


Give Instructions

If the firm is packing for you, ask them to note on all boxes and crates which room the contents came from and what is inside. Make sure they list a complete inventory of all items packed.

You can expect your possessions to be in transit to several weeks, so be sure you do not leave something that you are going to need because once it is crated you will not have access.

Before you leave your property in the hands of a removal company, shred all bank papers and bills to protect yourself from identity theft. Remove the batteries from appliances.

You don't want them to leak onto your possessions during the move.

To prevent problems for the removal company when they enter Spain you will need to drain the petrol and oil out of lawnmowers, generators and the like. Clean garden items before leaving, as customs may deny entry if there is mud or soil on your items.

Note: Make sure you will really need your items before you include them in your list for moving. Carpets are generally superfluous in Spain as most properties have tiled floors which are perfect in the warmer climate and very easy to clean. You will need to know which items the previous owners are leaving behind – it may make more sense to give duplicated possessions to a local charity or gift them to friends rather than paying to take them to Spain only to find you do not have room for everything.

Paying for professional packaging is usually well worth the extra money and will save you time and stress.

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