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  • A Guide to the New Register of Spanish Estate Agents in the Valencia Region: Information
Tue 15 August 2023 | Information

A Guide to the New Register of Spanish Estate Agents in the Valencia Region

If you're considering investing in a property in the enchanting towns of Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, Javea,, or any other idyllic destination located in the Community of Valencia on Spain's eastern coast, we have good news for you.

A legal reform has been introduced in the region, mandating that Spanish estate agents undergo official registration to continue selling and renting properties. The new legislation stipulates that Valencia estate agents must meet stringent criteria establishing their competence and have adequate insurance coverage, confirming eligibility for inclusion in the register. The new rules not only bring the region in line with other European countries but also places Valencia with some other provinces in Spain for more transparent practices.

Revolutionizing Property Transactions: The New Spanish Estate Agents Register

For those who have their sights set on buying a property in the Valencian Community, encompassing Alicante and Castellón – this development is a cause for celebration. The register empowers potential buyers and renters by offering a straightforward way to identify professional and dependable agencies. 

Furthermore, the stern penalties charged to non-registered estate agents are a strong deterrent, effectively curbing exploitative and unethical practices in the sector. This shift marks the end of a two-decade era where anybody in the Valencia region could present themselves as an estate agent and operate without a license or accreditation to deal in property sales.

Understanding the Legislation

In October 2022, the legislation came into force, granting Valencia estate agents a year-long window for registration. If you are interested in the legislation details, we've outlined them below. We've refined the essence of the decree into brief points, explaining its implications for those considering property transactions in the Valencian Community, Spain. Here you can find full details of the new regulations.

Deconstructing the Official Legal Framework

The establishment of the register for Valencia estate agents was formalized through Decree 98/2022 and communicated publicly on July 29th, 2022. This legislation came into effect on October 16th, 2022, compelling real estate agents to fulfil all prerequisites and become registered within a year of this date. 

The Rationale Behind the Law

In contrast to numerous European counterparts, operating as a real estate agent in Spain did not mandate any official accreditation until now. Spanish estate agents were not obligated to verify their qualifications or have insurance coverage safeguarding their clients and operations. While many Spanish estate agents provided commendable and trustworthy services, the absence of regulation left potential property buyers and renters vulnerable to the schemes of unscrupulous agents.

A Triumph for Trust and Credibility

This absence of administration also tarnished the reputation of bona fide companies operating within Spain. Consequently, several Spanish provinces introduced legislation to institute registries for estate agents within their regions, with Madrid, Murcia, and Andalucía leading the way. 

The Valencian region now joins this progressive movement, establishing a register for estate agents, reinforcing that property transactions in Valencia, Spain, should exclusively involve compliant businesses employing certified agents.

The Prerequisites for Valencia Estate Agents

To secure a place in the register of estate agents in the Valencia region, agents must comply with a series of criteria that demonstrate their knowledge and business acumen. These criteria are three key domains: business location, insurance provisions, and estate agent qualifications.

Fulfilling the Criteria: Requirements for Valencia Estate Agents

Location and Accessibility (Article 3a, Location and care requirements):

Valencia estate agents must have a fixed office address or commercial premises accessible to the public within the Valencia region. This physical address is a central hub for communication and grievance redressal, enhancing customer confidence.

Professional Qualifications (Article 3b, Professional training requirements):

Individuals operating as real estate agents must affirm their competence through accredited training in real estate sales. This guarantees that transactions involving property for sale are facilitated by proficient individuals possessing in-depth knowledge of the industry.

To join the Valencia estate agent registers, there are three ways agents can demonstrate their competence to work as an estate agent. These are the following:

  1. The must hold the official title of a Real Estate Property Agent, issued by the relevant authorities. 
  2. Alternatively, they must have a certificate demonstrating they attended over 200 hours of educational training in real estate, covering mediation, guidance, and administration services. A person can obtain this by studying in-person or virtually. 
  3. Individuals holding a university degree in Social or Legal Sciences, Engineering, or Architecture, may obtain a place on the register.

Insurance and Financial Integrity (Article 3c, Solvency requirements):

Spanish estate agents must demonstrate adequate insurance coverage that safeguards clients financially. This encompasses insurance against potential non-transfer of client funds and liability insurance to counter professional negligence.

To ensure proper coverage, agents must have insurance of at least €60,000 per year for each establishment open to the public or per agent. This rises to a minimum of €300,000 per agent annually for online companies. 

All agents must have liability insurance or a comparable financial guarantee to safeguard against instances of professional negligence. This insurance must be valid throughout the European Union and have a minimum worth of €600,000 per claim. The minimum value must be €1,000,000 per claim for those exclusively operating exclusively online. The agents must be able to provide policy numbers and details of the financial institutions providing the coverage.

Empowering Property Seekers

Implementing the legislation gives enhanced protection and assurances for individuals considering property acquisitions in Valencia. The new law casts rogue Spanish estate agents in a dim light, holding them accountable through fines and requiring fixed, contactable addresses. The rigorous training and commitment demanded of Spanish estate agents also serve as a deterrent, potentially causing unscrupulous real estate agencies to cease their operations.

Navigating the Register

Registration can be completed individually or collectively via a regulated professional association, with applications subject to scrutiny to ascertain compliance with conditions (Article 6). Each agent and their documentation undergo meticulous verification.

Upon successful registration, the status remains in effect indefinitely as long as the conditions are met (Article 7).

The register of Spanish estate agents, a publicly owned resource, is accessible via the official website of the Valencian community.

Embracing Progress

Most of us Valencian-based Estate agents enthusiastically embrace the new legislation, viewing it as a much-needed move towards lawful property transactions in the region.

As pioneers in the Javea property sector, we're committed to offering a straightforward, secure, and unrivalled experience for all our clients. As the curtain rises on this new chapter in Valencian real estate transactions, the future looks promising, with more transparency to enhance property deals for both buyers and sellers.

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