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Design & Build Your Own Property

While many people moving to Javea choose to purchase a property that is up for resale, there's an ever-growing trend in buying a plot of land and building a home from scratch. Of course, there's plenty of advantages in a new build villa - not only can you be sure that the new construction will meet your exact requirements, but also that the materials and craftsmanship are top quality throughout the property. New build villas are the only real way to ensure your dream property in Javea will uniquely meet your exact specifications.

Just like anywhere else in the world, the process of building a new home can be stressful due to the amount of red-tape that needs to be processed. This is the case with a new build in Javea, a beautiful and historic location that has various restrictions on what can be built depending on the area. For this reason, it is particularly important to have a knowledgeable and competent real estate agent who has a firm grasp of the local building regulations. As an agency, Valuvillas is one of the longest established in Javea. We have more than 30 years of experience helping homeowners build a new home or purchase a resale property. Our buyers hail from all over Europe, including those from the UK, France, Germany, and Holland, and in more recent years Russia and Scandinavia. Buyers include those who are looking for a second holiday home or an idyllic space they will call their permanent home.


Options for New Build Javea Luxury Villas 

There's no shortage of builders in the region, but it takes experience to get to know the firms who stick to deadlines, work within the budget, and always generally do an excellent job. We work with a couple of trusted building companies who have plenty of experience in constructing properties of all shapes and sizes. Where desired, they can provide a portfolio of completed projects which are on offer to new clients which helps speed up the process. It's often easier to gain permission for a new building from a set of established architectural plans, as the local authorities appreciate that they are working with professionals with a track record in construction.

These plans can be modified and adapted as seen fit - and you can choose the types of materials used depending on your budget. Alternatively, you can hire an architect who will design you a modern luxury villa completely from scratch.

Planning & Restrictions Javea is a beautiful area, and town planners have made a concentrated effort to keep it that way during many decades of development. The town, therefore, encompasses some restrictions on the type and size of property you can build in most areas. This must be considered when purchasing land, as the area may have building size limitations, or could even be earmarked for future infrastructural development. It really does pay to know whether a new road, public transport or a school is planned for placement near your dream home in the next few years. Again, employing our services is a major advantage here, as we have access to all current plans in the pipeline, as well as a solid understanding of what may happen in the future. Building or buying a property is a big investment, and having local expertise to rely on is essential to make sure that the home will be as desirable in twenty years as it is now.

Building Plots Understanding local building regulations is essential when looking to purchase any land for development. On the outskirts of Javea we have hilly terrain that can cause problems when building - after all, land and hills tend to subside over time, and house foundations must be deep.  On a steep slope, the "cut and fill" method is commonly used. This refers to the process of leveling the ground and securing the property with retaining walls. Retaining walls can look extremely impressive, but can be expensive. Sometimes, the cost of building on a sheer slop is hard to recoup when selling. But, if building on the slope results in extra selling features, for example, a fabulous view, then the added building costs can pay off. 


Look at our great range of plots for sale in Javea here

A professional survey costs around €2000 but this is a stage of buying a plot of land that should not be skipped. It's possible that the current owners will have their own ideas regarding the price of their land - yet an expert opinion is extremely valuable in preventing unwanted problems in the long run.

Land surveys in Javea will concentrate largely on the stability of the ground and accessibility to utilities such as water and electricity. These ought to be taken seriously as the issue isn't just about connecting the new property; it is equally about how the new build will potentially affect supply to neighbouring properties. The worst possible outcome is you buy a plot of idyllic land only to find that there's a mass of restrictions regarding development. On the other hand, knowing that the land is in pristine quality for development can speed along the entire process while ensuring long term peace of mind.

The prices for plots of land vary throughout Spain, often quite considerably. Considering that Javea is a highly in-demand area, expect to pay in the region of €700 - €2000 per square metre, depending upon the locality. The taxes due on the build depend on the square metre price, so be certain that the dimensions of the property will match the actual value. Quality builders and legal experts will guide you throughout this process.

Building Permits & Legalities

It's crucial to fix into any purchase of land a sub-contract that the agreement is only valid if building permission is granted. This will provide insurance should the land prove to be unworthy of development, and local legal professionals will assert the importance of this.

Remember that assertions and handshakes are not enough to guarantee the solvency of the land - it must be checked out through the correct legal channels.

At Valuvillas, we have a large selection of plots with granted building permits, which helps make the construction process a lot more straightforward and faster.

Prices & Fees

As a general rule of thumb, it's wise to add an extra 15% on top of the estimated price to cover legal fees and additional expenses. It's likewise important to work out your taxes when building a new home.

Taxation example: when developing a plot of land - including a swimming pool as part of the build is liable to 7% VAT. Should you decide to build a pool after the completion of the property, you will have to pay 16% VAT. Likewise, municipal taxes will range between 2-4% depending upon the size and location of the property, so get legal advice, so you know exactly how much you will have to pay.

Full guide and explanation of the costs

Hiring An Architect

Ensuring that you have the services of a quality architect is central to building your dream home if you decide to start from scratch as opposed to using plans offered by a builder. In Javea, we are fortunate to have a number of excellent bi-lingual architects who can offer insight into what is possible with the land while also being a good go-to contact throughout the process. 

As a rough guide, the best architects are those who are contactable and established in the area. They might well earn a commission for suggesting you employ their preferred builders or lawyers, and this isn't necessarily an issue, but if you feel more comfortable, you can always use another company or professional. Make sure that you can visit the site without restriction throughout the build, and that and that the materials used are fully in compliance with the contract.

Finding a quality architect is easier than it may sound. Check online reviews and ask to see a recent portfolio of their work. Make inquiries with other residents who have built their own homes. Understand that the architect is your representative throughout the process. Having an architect you can trust will relieve a great deal of stress, and in the long run, potentially save money.

Agreeing Contracts

Finding an ideal spot of land is often stressful enough, so it's not uncommon for people to gladly sign on the dotted line without paying due attention to the actual contract. A legal professional will do this on your behalf, but you must be sure that the contract stipulates everything verbally agreed. This includes materials, time frames, and all additional costs (be they anticipated or not). Liability is the key to making these arrangements work, and all contracts must be watertight and fully understood by all parties.


Costa Blanca New Builds & Javea Villa Packages

In 2020, we are thrilled to present buyers with a choice of new build luxury detached villas on sale located just a short drive from Denia. Denia is a lively Costa Blanca beach resort which lies 15 km to the north of Javea. The resort boasts a fabulous sandy beach, plenty of nightlife, and a huge choice of restaurants offering international food as well as Mediterranean style dishes with delicious locally caught fish.

There are a number of excellent world-class golf courses within easy driving distance from the new build villas, and both Alicante and Valencia airports are just around an hour away by car.

Unlike older Spanish proprieties which tend to have a number of small poorly lit rooms, these modern villas are of contemporary design with expansive open-plan kitchens and living rooms. They are constructed with thick glass walls that open the room up - giving you a fabulous view of the private pool and large terrace. This has the effect that you are outside even when the doors and windows are closed. Each room can be designed to your custom specifications, and you will be given a choice of luxury fittings to create a dream home to your own taste.

Buyers who purchase one of our new builds are buying a complete package that includes everything from the land to the fittings. Completion is guaranteed within 10 to 12 months after the payment of an initial deposit.

You are probably wondering how much a new build villa on the Costa Blanca like this will cost you, and we are delighted to tell you prices for these state of the art homes start at just €399,000.

Get in touch with us to find out more. Our English-speaking staff is available immediately to give you advice on relocating to Spain and advise you on the best type of villa for your family. We also provide a full after-purchase service, at no additional cost, and are always on hand if you need any help with settling into your new home or assistance with the legalities involved.

So give us a call or fill out the contact form. We will get back to you within one working day.

The package consists of:

A plot of your choice with magnificent sea views or mountain views if you prefer. The average size of the plots available is 800 m² · A designer detached new build villa finished to the highest standards · A private swimming pool · A choice of fixtures and fittings of extremely high quality · Easy payment installations are offered and only payable when the work is complete.


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