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Fri 22 April 2016 | Articles

Buying A Property Or Business In Javea? You Need A Gestor

What is A Gestor?

We have no direct equivalent in the UK (the exact translation means “manager” ) but it’s a combination of:

  • An accountant
  • A person who can deal with the town hall to arrange to pay your local taxes
  • Someone who can get a driving license arranged
  • Someone who can deal with the government for tax returns
  • Someone who can organise insurances
  • Someone who can deal with medical issues
  • Translation services
  • Someone who can arrange your NIE number
  • Someone who can arrange residency papers
  • Someone who can prepare a will
  • Someone who can provide Power Of Attorney services
  • Someone who can deal with the purchase and sale of your property
  • Someone who can arrange licences and permissions for business

In a nutshell, its an official paperwork fixer between the local town hall and the national government offices, and believe me, you won’t do well without one.

Gestor offices normally have qualified “gestors” plus accountants, plus a qualified lawyer in the practice so they can offer a full all-round service.

Please don’t listen to the guy you meet in a bar who says “this is how you do it…”

Always take professional advice, and I mean professional advice from a Gestor as the law changes both locally and nationally on a regular basis. We can offer an outline and framework on which you can start your business, but there is no substitute for friendly English speaking professional advice.

Many of our clients have used, and will readily recommend for complete gestor services. When contacting, ask for Manolo, the owner.

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