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Thu 24 November 2022 | New Property

New Build Villas Javea

Six Advantages Of Building Your Own Home In Spain

Opting for a new build home in Spain offers many advantages compared to acquiring an already-built, previously lived-in home. Here, we describe six major benefits of building your dream Spanish villa from scratch.

It Can Be An Excellent Investment Opportunity

When building your own home, you can get land at a good price in top locations with building permission already in place. Such land will have accumulated capital gains within a few years, especially in up-and-coming areas. This means that the investment you make in each square meter during the execution of the work will be much less than the value it will have in the future.

Possibility Of Choosing Quality Materials

You can consult with your builder to use the best quality materials within your budget to guarantee satisfactory performance, safety and durability of the structure. In addition, building from scratch allows you to customise the house in terms of colours and fixtures.

A Home Tailored To Your Needs

A new build allows you to choose how to distribute the spaces depending on family needs and design the rooms according to your tastes and intended use for each home part. The result will be unique since it will correspond to your vision and priorities, adding significant attributes for your family. For example, you can opt for a large kitchen if your family enjoys eating together at meal times or an outdoor dining and BBQ area for those who like entertaining and making the most of the warm Spanish evenings.

When building from scratch, there are no hidden faults since, from the beginning, you have control of all factors, and the builder can change anything you see as a defect.

New Builds Match Modern Demands

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, many people came to see their homes had limitations, mainly a lack of space. This has led to a higher demand for properties with outdoor spaces. Comfortable indoor space with some privacy is also a priority, as many people now work from home, even after lockdowns ended. 

Thus, lockdowns led to an interest in homes that provide stay-at-home comfort rather than a place only to sleep and eat.

Spacious Layout

Spanish homes built before the millennium tended to have several small bedrooms. Spanish family homes often have to cater for more members than the typical British home, often with several generations living under the same roof. Therefore, bedrooms were constructed as small as possible to fit more rooms in the same space. The most substantial room was the living room, where families would gather to watch TV, pre-internet days. In many older resale villas, you will find bedrooms only have enough space for a bed, a bedside table, and a small closet. These days, people see a computer workstation, ample storage space and room to move around as a necessity in the bedroom, and building a home from scratch allows you to design the bedrooms precisely as you wish.

As home is where we relax and unwind, it is important to have an inviting garden, possibly a play area if you have children, and in Spain, a swimming pool is the perfect feature to cool down during the hot summers.

As Javea estate agents, we have seen parking spaces, storage areas, outdoor facilities, and a sizable garden as prominent factors affecting the homebuyer's decision.

Modern Spanish property developers use contemporary designs that align with foreign buyers preferences. Buyers from abroad purchased 72,987 homes in Spain during the first half of 2022, representing 20.3% of the total number of property transactions.

Energy Efficiency

In today's need for energy-efficient homes, a new home is the best choice because it meets the latest government guidelines. Due to innovative construction materials and smart appliances, all new build properties in Spain have an "A" or "B" energy certificate rating. The lowest grade is "F". If you look at resale homes for sale, you will see they commonly rate a "D" or "E", A house with a lower grade costs far more to heat or cool than an A or B graded property.

A house with an A energy certificate will cost around €325 yearly. A similar-sized older property costs about €1200 in electric bills annually.

Modern constructions have thermal insulation, heat infiltration and recovery. These components prevent cold air from entering from outside. As a result, a new build requires less energy to retain an ideal temperature.


Developers build housing intending to sell them for the highest possible profit, so it's in their interest to keep costs as low as possible while making the home look attractive, even if the appeal is only superficial.

However, this only sometimes means the buyer has a home that is comfortable to live in all year round. The insulation quality may be poor, and while you won't notice this so much in the summer, you will feel it in the winter months, from November to February. Besides the insulation, inferior building materials can create maintenance problems such as dampness, leaks and mould.

Furthermore, older houses often come with hefty repair bills or you might need more space and have to build an extension. 

When you buy a resale Spanish villa, you purchase something built to someone else's requirements. Finding a Spanish villa exactly as you've dreamed it to be is just about impossible. It isn't just the issue of a resale home not having the exact specifications you were after; you will also likely be paying for features you're not interested in, such as an open fireplace, an oversized living room when you are a retired couple, or parking spaces you won't use.

When a wonderful house comes on the market in Spain, you probably will be one of many interested buyers. As a result, you could find yourself in a bidding war and end up paying more than you intended and lowering the investment potential.

Designing and constructing a new Spanish home is an experience only some get to realise. It is incredibly fulfilling, as it is more than simply building a structure. You are transforming your lifestyle to match your objectives.

The primary factor is you end up with exactly what you want. If you buy a resale house, you have to accept what is there.

You'll get a lot of satisfaction from a new build home. Every component is there because you chose for it to be there, and your home won't include rooms you only enter occasionally.

Are you keen to find out more about new build homes in Javea and the surrounding towns? We have a range of exquisite showroom villas to visit to help get your dream home journey started. Contact us here for full details.


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