Buying Information

There’s a very well established network of estate agents based in Javea who cater in particular for overseas buyers. As a highly desirable, historic and consequently very in-demand area, it makes a substantial difference to the buying process when appointing an agent who will take care of the entire process on your behalf. Here we’re going to take a look at the formalities and what you can expect at each stage of buying your ideal property in the sun with ValuVillas.

Helping You Find The Ideal Property

Following your decision to buying a property in Javea, we will appoint a manager to work with your account who will assist you in your search. Our agents have excellent language skills and are thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable of Javea and the surrounding towns.

Having a specific agent assisting you in this search will allow you to gain an understanding of precisely what kind of property you are searching for. The sales agent will be able to pinpoint alternative properties that may be currently handled by collaborating agents.

Once A Dream Home Has Been Found

Having decided upon an offer, your appointed sales agent will then handle the formalities of making the proposal to the vendor. Once a price has been settled upon, we then take a reservation down payment of €3000. This payment is necessary to remove the property from the market while pre-sale contracts are written up and searches and inventories are undertaken.

Following the successful completion of these stages, the pre-contract is usually signed within a month, and a formal 10% deposit is paid (less the reservation fee). These monies are transferred over to the vendor, and the contract will then be completed at the Notary for the agreed total sum.

It’s very common for buyers to visit the property before the final completion of the contractual process to get a feel for the home, the surrounding area and ensure that everything is to their satisfaction. This can be done with or without the vendor’s presence subject to their agreement.

Completion Day

Upon the day of completion, we will accompany you to the Notary in order to ensure that the agreement is precisely as arranged and the contract is fully complete. Once the contract is signed – they keys are yours! As part of our service, we will arrange to transfer in name of all utilities and services such as water, electricity, internet, telephone, local rates and refuse collection.

We offer not just a complete service throughout the buying process, but also take the aftercare of our clients very seriously. If there is anything we can do to help after the sale is all completed we are always more than happy to oblige, as we pride ourselves on offering a genuine life-long service.