A Guide to Buying Property in Spain After Brexit

COVID-19 news has dwarfed Brexit news in mainstream media, and many issues relating to the UK leaving the EU are still unclear, even though the 2020 transition period has ended and deals with the EU finalised. Many UK nationals who planned on buying a Spanish property during 2020 have had their plans wrecked by the Read More

How to Buy a Property In Spain When You Can’t Visit the Country – A Guide For 2021

Have you decided to purchase a property in Spain and are at the beginning of partway through the searching or buying process? If so, there is a good chance your plans have hit a brick wall due to a major complication called COVID, aided by its also somewhat complicated ally, Brexit. COVID-19 has caused enormous Read More

Save ££££’s… What You Need to Know About the Foreign Exchange Rate When Buying A Property In Spain

To purchase property in Spain, it is likely that you will need to buy foreign currency, as there is a strong possibility that you will need to obtain currency that is not native to your home country. Swiss francs, US dollars, GB pounds Sterling, and euros are commonly used currencies amongst foreign investors. It is Read More

The Corona Virus Impact On The Real Estate Market In Spain

Buying Property in Javea After COVID-19 It seems like just a few weeks ago I was sat amongst friends discussing our plans for Easter. One couple were planning on staying in Javea, a retired friend was thinking of visiting the UK, but was worried that traveling would be very congested to and from the airports, Read More

What’s an NIE Number?

Any non-resident wishing to make any major purchase (property/land/vehicle/boat) or open a bank account will need to apply for a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). This is a form of identification that will allow people to make these purchases but identifies them as being a fiscal resident rather than a national. This has Read More

Spain’s New Law To Protect Tenants From Eviction

Prices of rental property have risen by 54 percent in the last six years, according to Idealista, the property website. In Madrid and Barcelona (and other city centres) the real estate market and the cost of renting has boomed due to investors snapping up properties to rent out. Owners have also put up rental prices Read More

Spanish Authorities Arrest More than 1000 People For Breaking Lockdown Rules

Spain’s Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska says the majority of Spain’s residents are observing the contingencies aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, but points that a four-month jail sentence has already been given to one offender by a court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the Canary Island of Tenerife. Since the Spanish Cabinet Read More

Why Is Covid-19 Killing Almost Twice As Many Men As Women In Spain?

Although both sexes are evenly disposed to be struck by Covid-19, the fatality rate is more prominent among male patients, according to a new statement from the Carlos III Health Institute. With more than 80,000 cases and nearly 7,000 deaths, the profile of the people who are dying in Spain from the Covid-19 disease caused Read More

Spain’s New Repossession Laws – More Time to Find a Solution if You Are in Arrears

Spain’s new mortgage laws of June 2019 also highlighted the subject of “Bank Repossessions” Many overseas buyers have fallen foul to Spanish bureaucracy over the years and none more so than in relation to defaulting on mortgage payments. In theory, not paying your mortgage for three consecutive months allowed the banks to process a repossession Read More

Mortgages in Spain – Spanish Mortgages for Expats

The Government announced in June 2019, a major overhaul to the way mortgages in Spain are administered and their associated costs. Prior to this date, people were provided with a house mortgage from the bank with a repayment schedule. On top of that, there were ADDITIONAL one-off costs that they had to pay for which Read More

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