Why Is Covid-19 Killing Almost Twice As Many Men As Women In Spain?

Although both sexes are evenly disposed to be struck by Covid-19, the fatality rate is more prominent among male patients, according to a new statement from the Carlos III Health Institute. With more than 80,000 cases and nearly 7,000 deaths, the profile of the people who are dying in Spain from the Covid-19 disease caused Read More

Spain’s New Repossession Laws – More Time to Find a Solution if You Are in Arrears

Spain’s new mortgage laws of June 2019 also highlighted the subject of “Bank Repossessions” Many overseas buyers have fallen foul to Spanish bureaucracy over the years and none more so than in relation to defaulting on mortgage payments. In theory, not paying your mortgage for three consecutive months allowed the banks to process a repossession Read More

Mortgages in Spain – Spanish Mortgages for Expats

The Government announced in June 2019, a major overhaul to the way mortgages in Spain are administered and their associated costs. Prior to this date, people were provided with a house mortgage from the bank with a repayment schedule. On top of that, there were ADDITIONAL one-off costs that they had to pay for which Read More

New Build Project In Arenal

Olivares Consultores, a local Valencian company plan to develop a 23 apartment complex in the Arenal area of Javea within the next 12 months. This is the zone normally occupied by caravans in winter and the “feria” during the summer months. It will be called “La Bardisa” (a Valencian word for “cornice” in design terminology) Read More

Spain to Grant New Post-Brexit Residency Permits to Approximately 400,000 UK Nationals

Understandably, many UK expats are worried about their future in Spain should there be a hard Brexit. According to a proposed plan announced by Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez, the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) government will offer a new residency deal to approximately 400,000 British nationals if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement Read More

A Basic Guide to Obtaining a Tourist License For Rental Properties In Spain

AirbnB has ruffled a large number of feathers across the globe recently, let alone just in Spain. Many people bought a villa or apartment in Spain with the view to renting it out to help pay the ongoing expenses of owning a property. Technically, there was always a need to declare this “black” income irrespective Read More

Want To See A Doctor In Spain? – It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

The Spanish National Health department has introduced an app that you can install on your phone to make booking a doctors appointment as easy as 1-2-3. In fairness, it has always been fairly easy to book doctors appointments (well I can only speak for my area of Javea on the Costa Blanca) either by phoning Read More

New 6th Form Buildings For Lady Elizabeth School

Owners of the Laude Lady Elizabeth School at Benitachell, the International Schools Partnership,  have announced plans to build a brand new modern state-of-the-art school for six formers which is expected to be finished by September of 2018. Although the school currently has a sixth form, this will be a great improvement for older pupils as Read More

Fire Brings Panic to Restaurant Diners in Javea Late Monday Evening

A fire broke out late last night near to the WOK restaurant in Javea and as a precaution, the local police and fire brigade deciding to evacuate diners for safety reasons. It all happened around 9-10 o’clock with the local police on the scene blocking off access to the roundabout where the restaurant is located. Read More

Spanish Tapas: Jalepeños en Escabeche

Jalepeños are medium-sized compared to other types of peppers, measuring an average of 6 cm length. Jalepeños originated in Mexico, but are now produced worldwide. Flavourful, with a medium heat level, in Spain jalepeños are a popular addition to salsas, rice dishes and often served fried or pickled in escabeche in tapas bars. Here we Read More

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