Build Your Own Home – Plots For Sale In Javea

Using our English speaking architect and local builders, why not but a plot of land (parcela) and build the villa of your dreams?

When searching for a property, there are always issues with something not being right… bedrooms too small, kitchen in the wrong place, no garage, pool too small.

So why not buy a piece of land and design and build your own?

Valuvillas will ensure the project is controlled according to local regulations and exactly how you have designed it.

You end up getting the home exactly how you want it and within your own budget limits.

The self design and build process

The process is fairly straightforward and not as difficult as many people think. The reason for that is simple.

– Buy a legallly registered building plot
– Draw up plans that are within the legal norms and regulations
– Use a builder with a track record, good reputation and preferably locally based

Valuvillas have over the years have built many homes and extensions and follow these three simple rules. If you do this, then there are rarely problems and buying your land for sale in Javea will be as easy as 1-2-3

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